July 7, 2008

Recording hands-free with “Wait for Note”

Here is a handy trick for starting record operation in Pro Tools while playing a two-handed instrument.

The technique involves the use of a MIDI function called “Wait for Note”. When you hit record while the “Wait for note” button is engaged, Pro Tools will wait to start recording until it receives incoming MIDI data from any MIDI controller. This data is usually intended to be MIDI notes, but it also works with sustain pedal messages, which is what allows for this useful technique. Here are the steps:

  1. Connect and configure a MIDI keyboard with a sustain pedal
  2. Create and arm a new audio track
  3. Press the “wait for note” button in the MIDI controls section of the transport (see image)
  4. Hit record
  5. Press the sustain pedal with your foot (left or right, I think it works either way)
  6. Thats it, you are now recording
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Posted in: Digidesign Pro Tools, Engineering Technique, Tutorials

2 Comments on “Recording hands-free with “Wait for Note””

  1. First of all, this is an awesome website! The internet needs more of these. Second, I like the foot joke, reminds me of a certain bass trap joke….elusive bass players….

  2. i had wait for note work in a audio session one time and now I can’t get it to work ; I have PT 8 with mbox 2 can anyone help me with set up .When you go to track and then click track it doesn’t give you a choice of midi or anything it just makes a click track.

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