March 14, 2009

Better Delay Feedback

In this tutorial I use a standard delay plug-in and the busses to create a more unique delay feedback than the standard feedback control usually offers. Also, automated aux sends are addressed.

The song in this video was performed, produced, and engineered by students of mine. The producer/engineers were Roger Lemmon and Stephen Findley. The performer/songwriters were Aric Neshiem and Joel Kessler.

Edit: Just noticed the weird line interference in the video. I’ll try and get that fixed for the next one. 

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18 Comments on “Better Delay Feedback”

  1. That is a pretty cool and creative tool. I could actually see using this as well as several of the gating examples that you talk about. Great Job on your presentation.

  2. that’s so simple, but better a effect.

    thank you!

  3. This was really cool! Can’t wait to use this in my next mix :) Thanks for the tips Matt.
    p.s. Where did you get the intro music for your videos?

  4. Thanks everyone for watching!

    @Tim: the music came from my brain :)

  5. Awesome vid Matt. You should teach some protools classes too.

  6. A very good video, excellent for giving more hands on control to the engineer.

  7. Really nice tutorial. Simple, straight forward, really effective, thanks!

  8. Thx so much for your videos. I had wondered how to best apply an effect to a single word or phrase…thx for making this simple!

  9. Matt, I just came across your site today, and I’m so glad I did! This is really good info, and really high-quality videos, too!

  10. Just got around to catching up on your videos. I really liked this one, it’s really simple but sounds great, lots of possibilities here. Keep it rolling!

  11. thanks alot matt! great video, I look forward to checking out the rest, please keep em coming!

  12. Thanks! Very nice and easy this one!

  13. Hey, thanks for the videos, but can you star making some stuff for Logic, too, would be much appreciated

  14. This one is awesome. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. Absolutely brilliant! This technique reminds of the vintage dub style processing heard on countless dub reggae productions.


  16. Great video! Such a logical trick, very easy to understand. Thanks!

  17. Ah amazing, this is something that i will try in my next song. Thank you :-)

  18. Thanks for this tutorial

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