February 16, 2009

Creative Gating, Part 2

In this second creative gating tutorial a high-hat track is used to apply a rhythmic pulsing effect on a synth pad. As in the previous tutorial, the gate’s key input makes it happen.

A special thanks to Max Kunz of Jungle Maps for playing the drums.

Download Video
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Posted in: Digidesign Pro Tools, Engineering Technique, Tutorials

6 Comments on “Creative Gating, Part 2”

  1. Awesome stuff, Matt!
    Can’t wait for #3!

  2. Nice vid. What kind of Synth was that? Really appreciate these!!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Tim: the synth was Xpand

  4. Great tutorial. I use a similar technique in Ableton. It is good to see a different perspective though. Great synth pad!

  5. Thanks for this. You made it clear and simple. I’ve always been a little confused with these techniques…not anymore. Appreciate your time and effort.

  6. great stuff. keep it coming please.

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