June 17, 2008

For Those About To Rock

Welcome to Record Ready. I am starting this project with the goal of creating a resource for budding music producers and engineers that provides the tips and tutorials they really want… and need.

The meat and potatoes of what I intend to present here will be video tutorials on the current batch of industry-standard music production software tools, such as Digidesign Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and the Native Instruments family of synthesis and processing applications. Pro Tools will be my main focus at first, due to an anticipated demand, but I will do my best to keep the offerings diverse.

In addition to the video tutorials I will be writing generally about production and engineering technique. The topics will range from the technical and professional, to the creative and musical. Additionally, even though I have never found product reviews all that exciting, I may occasionally spew one myself, if I happen to feel strongly about a particular product.

In case you are curious, I am a music technology professor at Shoreline Community College (just north of Seattle), a freelance music producer/engineer, and an interactive designer. You can check out some of my work here: Revolver Creative.

So, please, bookmark the site, subscribe to the RSS feed, and comment on posts freely and passionately. Stayed tuned for a “Getting Started” series of video tutorials on Digidesign Pro Tools.

I’m looking forward to all this, I hope you are too.
Matt Fordham

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