January 19, 2009

Creative Gating, Part 1

This is the first if a three part series on the creative use of gates. All of them involve the use of a key or sidechain input. In this video, a low frequency tone is triggered by a kick drum in order to give the impression that the kick was deeper and/or recorded with more low end. It is a classic and useful effect, when used wisely.

Although I used Pro Tools 8 in this video, everything works the same in previous versions… although it won’t look as cool.

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11 Comments on “Creative Gating, Part 1”

  1. Matt is back! YAY!
    Great vid, as usual.

  2. nice one matt, tremendous!

  3. Brilliant. Already using it. I’d love to see you do a tutorial on mixing for mastering. using a master compressor, to bounce or not to bounce, etc… it seems to be such a subjective process and there is not a lot published on the subject. do you limit? just compress? mix with the 2buss plugin on? etc. Great site, great work. beautiful.

  4. Thanks 16v. I’ll add the “mixing for mastering” topic to the list.

  5. How often do you use this trick?
    Great video Matt. I check for updates often.

  6. Fantastic vid. Thanks. I’m getting a lot out of your examples, keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Matt,

    It might be worth going over how to gate the kick channel if the AE needs to reduce leakage in the kick mic so he or she can do things like add signal generator. I can imagine you’ll likely go over this in a later tutorial, when you get to signals that are more likely to have leakage that needs to be reduced in order to properly use a key input. Great video though, can’t wait for the rest of the series. There’s so much cool stuff to do with gates.

  8. Thanks for the video, a fantastic tip!

  9. [...] of the tricks and techniques that will make your mixes come to life. My favorite is his series on creative gating. In part one, he actually shows you how to trigger the brown note from a kick drum. I shit you [...]

  10. nice one matt. now i just need to find someone with subs in the trunk and test it out. thanks man

  11. Awesome trick, surprised with the results !

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