November 16, 2008

Reverse Reverb

Sorry for the long stretch of time with no posts. Back on track now, at least for today. In this video tutorial I create a reverse reverb effect in Pro Tools on an electric guitar. Reverse reverb was first used on analog tape machines by flipping the tape backwards, applying reverb to a part (and recording the reverb to a track), and then flipping the tape back. Its not quite as straight forward in the box, but its not all that tough either. 

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11 Comments on “Reverse Reverb”

  1. Beautiful!


  2. Thanks Matt!

  3. Cool Matt! Thanks.

  4. Great tutorial Matt. Thanks a bunch. That’s a really cool effect, can’t wait to use it.

  5. Great post. I’ve always meant to look up how to do that. Thanks.

  6. Great stuff, I was always wondering what that sound was on a few albums I have.

  7. Thanks alot man!

  8. Wonderful! Thanks!

  9. Fantastic – thanks!

  10. You can actually achieve that effect in real time in various reverb pedals, the only difference is that the wet signal doesn’t come in before the dry. So you kind of have to crank up the wet and play open airy sounding chords for it to sound full and not disorienting.

  11. [...] are many good techniques to use, but I learned from the best: Matt Fordham, check out his video at Record Ready. The reverse reverb effect was used on both the left and right guitars leading into the final [...]

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