August 20, 2008

Ping Pong Delay

In this video tutorial I create a ping pong delay in Pro Tools using two mono delays and aux inputs. Although there are a bunch of ping pong delay plug-ins out there, creating your own is a great routing exercise. 

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Posted in: Digidesign Pro Tools, Engineering Technique, Tutorials

4 Comments on “Ping Pong Delay”

  1. Great tutorial! Thanks much. I’m definitely bookmarking this.

  2. Matt, excellent work on all these videos. I’ve watched almost all of them now and they are all extremely helpful in clarifying the little things that might slip past a student in a lesson at school and inspire/encourage you to open up your own pro tools rig at home and try some of this stuff out. I’m about to record some stuff and make this ping pong delay happen right now haha. Keep em comin!

  3. [...] Hoe krijg ik een echo? How To Create A Ping Pong Delay In Pro Tools Groetjes, Gert __________________ Gert Van Hoof, mastering engineer [...]

  4. I knew I missed you!!!!I’d say the Lord has blsesed you in putting this dad in your life. Hats off to Mike and the amazing man he is. Go Jordan, Go Coach Mike at the special olympics,yahhhhhh!!!!!

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