July 8, 2008

Pro Tools I/O Settings

In this video tutorial I revisit busses and sends, a topic from the Pro Tools Basics series, and make things a whole bunch easier with custom I/O settings.

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8 Comments on “Pro Tools I/O Settings”

  1. Just tried to play this video and it crashed Firefox at the same point three times . I get the opening sting and Hello I am Matt… (crash).So I saved the video and tried to play it from the QuickTime Player and the same thing.

    I also noticed that the In and Out markers were set to a small section near the top and even when I tried to pull them out as soon as I past the crucial point it crashed QT player too.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mike… looks like I’ve got some kinks to work out! Thanks for your help. Update: I think I’ve figured out the problem for now. Thanks again!

  3. 1) It’s faster to rename a send by right cliking the send and choose rename instead of going to the I/O settings.

    2) Instead of assigning the outputs one by one: Select them by clicking the first track name, shift + click the last (or ctrl+click individual track names). Then press Alt+Shift and then do the routing. It will now route all selected channels at once.

    Have fun.

  4. Thanks for the input Preben… I wasn’t aware of your first tip… nice! And the option(alt)+shift trick is a major time saver.

  5. im not getting no sound from my 003 interface im trying to use my mpc output to input

  6. matt I love these tutorials! Very helpful thanks!

  7. Love your tutorials too. But one question remains with this one:

    Why delete bus 3-4 and not just rename them the mono ones? (I just watched the video, haven’t tried it out yet)

  8. @soren: I think I just didn’t want to be distracted by having ‘Bus 3-4′ show up as an option in the list of stereo input/outputs. It would certainly work without deleting it, just be messier.

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