January 4, 2011

A New Year’s Resolution

Well… I thought I might make the first new year’s resolution of my life and attempt to get the Record Ready ball rolling again. Can I do it? I have no idea, but I’ll try. Before going forward however, I want to hear from you… if you’re still out there.

What do you want from Record Ready? What techniques, tools, or workflows could you use some help with? Is there any software other than Pro Tools that would be of interest? Videos or articles? Are product reviews cool or a waste of time? You get the idea. I’d find any feedback, however general or specific, very helpful. Just leave your comments below. Thanks in advance… I hope you’ll be seeing more of me soon.

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13 Comments on “A New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Still here Matt, love this site and your tutorials! Keep ‘em coming brother

  2. Matt, I recently used some reverse verb on a recording/mixing project… it always makes me think of Record Ready and your awesome tutorials! Glad to see you’re dusting of the ol’ audio chops!

  3. Matt, great to hear about your resolution…always love your tutorials. Any ProTools content is always welcome for me. Product reviews would also be helpful…never hurts to get the opinions of someone that is not being paid to give them. Especially when that person has a good degree of expertise! Looking forward to whatever content you decide to create here.

  4. Love this site..

  5. Not really a big course-charting suggestion, but I’d love to see a how-to on loading a stereo track into PT (or any other DAW) and re-jiggering it into a L-C-R track. I could’ve used that trick a little while back when remixing some finished tracks.

  6. Still here Matt. Would love to see any genre specific tricks. Maybe some tut’s on “in the style of” country, rock, cinematic. I also like @Robert Jacobs idea. Anything man, anything!

  7. Would love to see some Logic stuff, although I’m not not sure how much time you spend in that particular DAW.
    Also, link sharing is totally allowed. It would be really neat if this was somewhere I could drop by every few days, often to find a link to a video or resource site that would be of interest to people such as ourselves.
    Also, definitely keep the Pro Tools tricks coming!

  8. Can’t wait to see what you got for us!

  9. Realy like your site. Maybe something about memory locations and window configurations?
    Anyway, have a good year!

  10. That would be amazing…

  11. i love it.. thanks for the info..

  12. Matt! So glad you’re picking this back up. Hope you and the fam are doing good :) One question that seems to plague me is how much dynamic range to have in a mix, and how to maintain a good over all level. My problem comes from having arrangements that go from single guitar vocal, to 15 different instruments all playing at the same time. What tricks do you use to rope in a dynamic track. Also, what sort of things do you like to put on the 2-mix? (EQ, compression, other stuff, and with what parameters)

  13. Matt

    Glad to see you are back. I am now retired but used to make my living doing VO’s. For several years I have offered free sessions in my home studio for wanabe podcasters and aspiring VO talents.

    By choice I have always used ProTools and that is for the most part what I teach in my classes. Your tutorials are/were the basis of what I taught/teach to anyone using PT. They are by far the best I have ever come across; short, concise, to the point, no frills, just sound basics, presented in an easily understood manner.

    Frankly, I think you should sell your tutorials and generate a little extra income for yourself.

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